Port pairing with Lemon & Black Pepper

February 22, 2019

Port pairing with Lemon & Black Pepper

To achieve a delicious pairing we needed to consider the characters of the flavour and aromas of the port and chocolate, whether they are intense, light, bitter, dry or sweet. A successful port and chocolate pairing requires a balance of these flavours so that the subtle flavours beautifully emerge.

We paired our Lemon & Black Pepper dark chocolate bar with Berry Brother William Pickering Port. We took a sip of the port appreciating the enticing rich aroma of figgy fruits together with notes of cream, caramel and cocoa.

Then we took a small piece of Lemon & Black Pepper chocolate we let it melt slowly and savoured the flavour of the lemon in contrast to the rich deep notes of the Port. The hint of black pepper accentuated the flavour of the lemon.

With a wonderful lemon flavour still on our palette we finally took another sip of the delicious, wonderfully rich yet subtle Port. The perfect match the two flavours balance beautifully, the lemon subdued the sweetness of the port allowing the fruit flavours to burst through.