Noir 80% cocoa

Made with the finest quality Forastero cocoa beans, an exceptional taste sensation of rich cocoa, full bodied, offering delicious earthy flavours with notes of smoked cocoa. The deep notes of the origin cocoa linger on the palette giving a satisfying dark cocoa finish.

Dimensions: 5.5cm x 9.5cm x 0.5cm

Weight: 37g

  • Origin Dark chocolate (min.cocoa 80%) cocoa mass, sugar cocoa butter, natural vanilla.
  • See Ingredients in bold. May contain traces of nuts and milk.
  • 12-20 C in a clean dry and odourless environment.
  • Per 100g: Energy: 2335kj/565kcal, Fat: 47.8g, of which saturates 28.9g, Carbohydrate: 25.1g, of which sugars 19.4g, Fibre: 12.2g Protein: 8.6.g, Iron 13.0g, Salt: 0.01g
  • Gluten Free, suitable for vegan and vegetarian, no artificial flavours, no preservatives.

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